How mastering booty callsites can make you a better lover

You might think that booty call sites are generic. You might think that the moment you visit one booty call sites you pretty much visited all booty callsites. You are more than entitled to think that way because, let’s face it, a lot of those websites are so generic that it seems that they copy and pasted certain information from a template and apply it to thousands of websites. This is due to the fact that a lot of these websites are basically run by a handful of companies. They take the same good-looking template and they just replicate it many times over. It’s kind of like baking cookies. You take one cookie-cutter and you get a mass of dough and you just use the cookie-cutter to crank out similar-looking cookies, day in, day out all day every day.

However, don’t get turned off by this seeming generic look. Did you know that the more you use booty callsites, the higher the likelihood that you would become a better lover? You see a good lover is not just someone who can please a woman physically. I mean, let’s face it, most men have the equipment to please a woman at least on a physical level. An obc is beyond that. It’s all about creating an emotional moment. It’s about creating a special moment of electricity that people can look back fondly too.

You see great sex is 99% emotional and mental and 1% physical. Truly great lovers understand this. Truly great lovers look to perform kind of like a great artist or a great singer zeroes in on putting a performance that becomes an experience. A truly great lover looks at the different elements that at play. He knows that those elements won’t be the same one day after the next day. Every performance is different. Mastering booty callsites in terms of sending off the right signals, mastering the art of flirting and otherwise becoming a great communicator helps you achieve better performances. Why? Experience draws on your fine-tuned skill sets. It becomes a work of art up to a certain point.

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